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Suzanne Spector

Award-winning author of Naked at the Helm: Independence and Intimacy in the 2nd Half of Life

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Naked at the Helm: Independence and Intimacy in the 2nd Half of Life

Who am I? Suzanne Spector asked herself as she stripped off the bonds of marriage and conventional suburban life. Her adventurous journey of discovery led her from a nude beach on Ibiza at 41, to a banya in Siberia at 55, and into a hot love affair at 80.

These probably would not be the tales your mother or grandmother would tell about her life, but this 85 year old’s ebullient memoir of the second half of her life will move you to weave some rich new yarns into the tapestry of your own story. Her message: It’s never too late.

Naked at the Helm will be published by SheWrites Press in August of 2022.

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About Suzanne

Suzanne grew up in Rockville Centre, New York and graduated from The Birch Wathen School and Barnard College. She earned an M.S.W. from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in psychology from The Union Institute.
She was the founder and Director of The Center for Open Education in Bergen County, New Jersey and became the Director of the Center for Studies of the Person in La Jolla, California.
She took up writing in her late seventies and considers it her third career. She was a winner of the 2019 San Diego Memoir Showcase writing competition on the topic I Didn’t See That One Coming. Her entry, Dancing Hearts Emoji was performed in the Showcase in October, 2019 and published in the award-winning anthology Shaking the Tree: Brazen Short Memoir, Vol,3.

Comfortable in her own skin, wrinkles and all, Suzanne continues to embrace life with an expansive verve.

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Suzanne's award-winning personal essay, Dancing Hearts Emoji, was chosen for volume three of Shaking the Tree, Brazen. Short. Memoir.

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